Second Birth

Something old, something new! SECOND BIRTH is our 6-song EP, released in June, 2016. It is a collection of newly arranged First Call classics, favorite worship songs along with a traditional spiritual song. It was a privilege and a joy for us to create this recording and we are excited to share it with you. Below you will find samples, purchasing options and the story of this project. Enjoy!



The Second Birth EP Story

The three of us have been humbled by an ongoing stream of interest in our music coming in through social media. While doing a few reunion concerts together, the conversation about putting together a new EP grew. January 2015 really hit the 'go' button for us during the live stream DVD taping of CCM United's "We Will Stand.” First Call was invited on board as both a featured artist group and to sing back up for some of the 33 artists at the event honoring 30 years of Contemporary Christian Music.

After the taping of that event, our cell phones were blowing up with fans and friends sharing the moment, watching online or in the audience. We moved ahead to finish the EP with a clear vote - let's do this! God has always honored our efforts and surprised us beyond our wildest dreams with how the music has a life of it's own.

As we began planning this EP, we decided to come up with song styles and arrangements we had never done before. So, we chose a few worship songs (for the first time ever!), new versions of a couple of classic First Call songs and a traditional spiritual style song we had recorded but never released. We wanted our listeners to have our usual First Call variety with our classic and current First Call sound.

Marty reveals, “This project has been a family-affair collaboration. Melodie's husband, Dick produced 4 of the songs, programming keyboards/strings and recording vocals in his home studio. Brent King, Bonnie's husband, recorded 2 songs and then mixed and mastered the project. Mel's daughter Whitney Newby shot many of our photos and designed the cover. My wife, Vickie launched our website.”

It’s a joy to sing together again and to make this EP available for First Call fans and hopefully a new generation of listeners who have never heard our music.  For fans who've followed First Call over the years, perhaps they will smile seeing the original trio singing together again - a full circle after three incarnations, another second birth.  We love staying in touch via our website and facebook 

“It's been 30 years since we first met and began singing together. How thankful we are for the opportunity to make music and be in ministry together after all this time!” says Melodie.

Bonnie explains, “The title "Second Birth" comes from a line in the second verse of  the song "Lord of All": “Lord of all, of a love that purchased man a second birth.”  God is ever active and alive in the intimate every day moments of our lives. He is never finished. He is faithful to birth life from death, to bring new mercies to each morning. He gave Himself as Jesus to a broken world. He's never satisfied with anything less than restoration. That's His way, His shattering, merciful, loving way.”

First Call has always pointed to Christ in our music. Our prayer would be that anyone who hears the EP will inhale deeply and experience a reminder of the height and breadth, the endless depth of God's unchanging love.